Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)

Quick Reviews/Definitely Rewatch

Directed by Jason Reitman

Written by Gil Kenan & Jason Reitman

Based on Ghostbusters by Dan Aykroyd & Harold Ramis

Produced by Ivan Reitman

Starring Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Logan Kim, & Paul Rudd

With Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, & Annie Potts

Cameo by J.K. Simmons

Release Date: November 19, 2021

Running Time: 2hr 4min

Rating: PG13

Set thirty-two years after the events of the second film, single mother, Callie Spengler (Coon), daughter of Dr. Egon Spengler (Ramis), and her two children, Trevor (Wolfhard) and Phoebe (Grace), move to a small town in Oklahoma, where they discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and Egon’s secret legacy.

The was released in the United States on November 19, 2021, after being delayed four times from an original July 2020 date due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It received mixed reviews, with the cast members’ performances, Reitman’s direction, and nostalgic tone being praised, but its fan service being criticized. [The criticism of the fan service is odd to me/makes no sense. It’s a decades later sequel to a beloved film. No duh there’s gonna be fan service!]

I grew up with the Ghostbusters franchise, I was born between the first and second film (with the animated series premiering almost a year before I was born). The first movie is an absolute classic! The TV show started off solid, then slowly lost quality. The first sequel often gets a bad rap, but I (and I bet many others) still think it is a solid sequel. [I might as well also bring up the fact that I didn’t think the 2016 remake was all that bad. Flawed for sure, but still I think it had some good moments.] I think this new one is also a solid entry in the franchise. It’s got the great balance of comedy and horror, fast paced action, and some top notch visual effects.

The main performances are all solid (Rudd is his usual goofy charming self), with the standout going to Mckenna Grace as Phoebe. She handles the balance of intelligent, but socially awkward kid well (plus the round frame glasses are a nice touch).

Then of course there’s seeing Murray, Aykroyd, Hudson, Weaver, and Potts reprising their iconic roles, that definitely put a huge smile on my face. Plus there are many loving tributes to the late, great Harold Ramis (taken from this world far too soon), that hits me right in the feels! Seriously, I can’t imagine any Ghostbusters fan not enjoying this. Be sure to sit through the end credits.

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