Samantha Eggar


Victoria Louise Samantha Marie Elizabeth Therese Eggar (born 5 March 1939) is a retired, British-American film, stage, television, and voice actress. She made her film debut in Ralph Thomas’ The Wild and Willing (1962), with Virginia Maskell, Paul Rogers, Ian McShane, and John Hurt. After beginning her career in Shakespearean theatre, she rose to fame for her performance in William Wyler‘s thriller The Collector (1965), with Terence Stamp – which earned her a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Other films in the 1960s include Dr. Crippen (1962), with Donald Pleasence and Coral Browne; Doctors in Distress (1963), with Dirk Bogarde and James Robertson Justice; Psyche 59 (1964), with Patricia Neal, Curd Jürgens, Ian Bannen, Beatrix Lehmann, and Elspeth March; J. Lee Thompson’s Return from the Ashes (1965), with Ingrid Thulin and Maximilian Schell; Charles Walters’ Walk, Don’t Run (1966), with Cary Grant and Jim Hutton; and Richard Fleischer’s Doctor Doolittle (1967), with Rex Harrison, Anthony Newley, and Richard Attenborough.

Films in the early 1970s include Martin Ritt‘s The Molly Maguires (1970), with Richard Harris, Sean Connery, and Frank Finlay; The Walking Stick (1970), with David Hemmings; Anatole Litvak’s The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun (1970), with Oliver Reed and John McEnery; The Light at the Edge of the World (1971), with Yul Brynner, Kirk Douglas, Fernando Rey, Massimo Ranieri, Renato Salvatori, Jean-Claude Drouot, and Víctor Israel; The Dead Are Alive (1972), with Alex Cord and John Marley; and A Name for Evil (1973), with Robert Culp.

Films of the late 1970s include Herbert Ross’ The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (1976), with Nicol Williamson, Robert Duvall, Alan Arkin, Georgia Brown, Charles Gray, Jeremy Kemp, Joel Grey, Laurence Olivier, and Vanessa Redgrave; The Uncanny (1977), with Peter Cushing, Pleasence, Ray Milland, Joan Greenwood, Donald Pilon, and John Vernon; Welcome to Blood City (1977), with Jack Palance and Keir Dullea; Why Shoot the Teacher? (1977), with Bud Cort, Kenneth Griffith, and Chris Wiggins; The Greatest Battle (1978), with Giuliano Gemma, Helmut Berger, Stacy Keach, Ray Lovelock, Henry Fonda, Evelyn Stewart, and John Huston; and David Cronenberg‘s The Brood (1979), with Reed and Art Hindle.

Films in the 1980s include The Exterminator (1980), with Robert Ginty, Christopher George, and Steve James; Roger Vadim’s The Hot Touch (1981), with Wayne Rogers, Marie-France Pisier, Lloyd Bochner, Patrick Macnee, and Melvyn Douglas; Demonoid (1981), with Stuart Whitman and Roy Jenson; Curtains (1983), with John Vernon, Linda Thorson, and Lynne Griffin; and the TV movie Love Among Thieves (1987), with Audrey Hepburn, Robert Wagner, Patrick Bauchau, Jerry Orbach, and Brion James.

Later films include the TV movie a Ghost in Monte Carlo (1990), with Sarah Miles, Reed, and Christopher Plummer; Dark Horse (1992), with Ed Begley Jr., Mimi Rogers, Ari Meyers, and Donovan Leitch; The Phantom (1996), with Billy Zane, Treat Williams, Kristy Swanson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, James Remar, and Patrick McGoohan; and the TV movie Everything to Gain (1996), with Sean Young, Jack Scalia, Anne Ramsay, and Joanna Miles; and The Astronaut’s Wife (1999), with Johnny Depp, Charlize Theron, Joe Morton, Clea DuVall, and Nick Cassavetes. She has also worked as a voice actress, as Hera in Walt Disney’s Hercules (1997), with Tate Donovan, Danny DeVito, James Woods, Susan Egan, and Rip Torn; and several video games, including Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned and 007: Nightfire. Her television work includes roles on Fantasy Island, and a recurring part as Charlotte Devane in the soap opera All My Children in 2000.

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  • The Wild and the Willing (1962) – directed by Ralph Thomas
  • Doctor in Distress (1963) – directed by Ralph Thomas
  • Dr. Crippen (1963) – directed by Robert Lynn
  • Psych 59 (1964) – directed by Alexander Singer
  • The Collector (1965) – directed by William Wyler
  • Return from the Ashes (1965) – directed by J. Lee Thompson
  • Walk, Don’t Run (1966) – directed by Charles Walters
  • Doctor Doolittle (1967) – directed by Richard Fleischer
  • The Molly Maguires (1970) – directed by Martin Ritt
  • The Walking Stick (1970) – directed by Eric Till
  • The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun (1970) – directed by Anatole Litvak
  • The Light at the Edge of the World (1971) – directed by Kevin Billington
  • The Dead Are Alive! (1972) – directed by Armando Crispino
  • A Name for Evil (1973) – directed by Bernard Girard
  • Double Indemnity (1973) – directed by Jack Smight – TV movie
  • The Man of Destiny (1973) – directed by Joseph Hardy – TV movie
  • All Kinds of Strangers (1974) – directed by Burt Kennedy – TV movie – aka Evil in the Swamp
  • The Legendary Curse of the Hope Diamond (1975) – directed by Delbert Mann – TV movie
  • The Hemingway Play (1976) – directed by Don Taylor – TV movie
  • The Killer Who Wouldn’t Die (1976) – directed by William Hale
  • The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (1976) – directed by Herbert Ross
  • Welcome to Blood City (1977) – directed by Peter Sasdy
  • The Uncanny (1977) – directed by Denis Héroux – anthology
  • Why Shoot the Teacher? (1977) – directed by Silvio Narizzano
  • The Greatest Battle (1978) – directed by Umberto Lenzi (as Humphrey Longan) – aka The Biggest Battle & Battle Force
  • Ziegfeld: The Man and His Women (1978) – directed by Buzz Kulik – TV movie
  • The Brood (1978) – directed by David Cronenberg
  • The Exterminator (1980) – directed by James Glickenhaus
  • Demonoid (1981) – directed by Alfredo Zacarías
  • The Hot Touch (1981) – directed by Roger Vadim
  • Curtains (1983) – directed by Richard Ciupka (as Jonathan Stryker)
  • For the Term of His Natural Life (1983) – directed by Rob Stewart – miniseries
  • Love Among Thieves (1987) – directed by Roger Young – TV movie
  • Davey Crockett: Rainbow in the Thunder (1988) – directed by David Hemmings – TV movie
  • A Ghost in Monte Carlo (1990) – directed by John Hough – TV movie
  • Ragin’ Cajun (1990) – directed by William Bryon Hillman
  • The Magic Voyage (1992) – directed by Michael Schoemann
  • Round Numbers (1992) – directed by Nancy Zala
  • Dark Horse (1992) – directed by David Hemmings
  • A Case for Murder (1993) – directed by Duncan Gibbins – TV movie
  • Inevitable Grace (1994) – directed by Alex Monty Canawati
  • The Phantom (1996)* – directed by Simon Wincer
  • Everything to Gain (1996) – directed by Michael Miller – TV movie
  • Hercules (1997)* – directed by Ron Clements & John Musker
  • Loss of Faith (1998) – directed by Allan A. Goldstein – TV movie
  • The Astronaut’s Wife (1999) – directed by Rand Ravich