Henry Hathaway


Henry Hathaway (born Henri Léopold de Fiennes Hathaway; March 13, 1898 – February 11, 1985) was an American film director and producer. He is best known as a director of Westerns, especially starring Randolph Scott and John Wayne. He directed Gary Cooper in seven films. He received one Academy Award nomination for Best Director for The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1936), starring Cooper, Franchot Tone, and Richard Cromwell. He also took part in co-directing with John Ford and George Marshall the epic western How the West Was Won (1962), with Carroll Baker, Lee J. Cobb, Henry Fonda, Carolyn Jones, Karl Malden, Gregory Peck, George Peppard, Robert Preston, Debbie Reynolds, James Stewart, Eli Wallach, Wayne, and Richard Widmark.

Films in the 1930s include Under the Tonto Rim (1933), with Stuart Erwin, Verna Hillie, and Raymond Hatton; To the Last Man (1933), with Scott, Esther Ralston, Noah Beery Sr., Buster Crabbe, Barton MacLane, Gail Patrick, Shirley Temple, Fuzzy Knight, and John Carradine; The Witching Hour (1934), with Guy Standing, John Halliday, Judith Allen, and Tom Brown; Now and Forever (1934), with Cooper, Carole Lombard, and Temple; The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935), with Cooper, Franchot Tone, Richard Cromwell, and Standing; Peter Ibbetson (1935), with Cooper, Ann Harding, John Halliday, and Ida Lupino; Souls at Sea (1937), with Cooper, George Raft, Frances Dee, Harry Carey, Joseph Schildkraut, Robert Cummings, George Zucco, Tully Marshall, and Monte Blue; Spawn of the North (1938), with Henry Fonda, Dorothy Lamour, Akim Tamiroff, and John Barrymore; and The Real Glory (1939), with Cooper, David Niven, Andrea Leeds, and Broderick Crawford.

Films in the 1940’s include Johnny Apollo (1940), with Tyrone Power, Dorothy Lamour, Edward Arnold, and Lloyd Nolan; Brigham Young (1940), with Power, Linda Darnell, Dean Jagger, and Brian Donlevy; Sundown (1941), with Gene Tierney, Bruce Cabot, and George Sanders; China Girl (1942), with Tierney, George Montgomery, Lynn Bari and Victor McLaglen; Ten Gentlemen from West Point (1942), with George Montgomery and Maureen O’Hara; Wing and a Prayer (1944), with Don Ameche, Dana Andrews, and William Eythe; The Dark Corner (1946), with Lucille Ball, Clifton Webb, William Bendix, and Mark Stevens; 13 Rue Madeleine (1947), with James Cagney, Annabella, and Richard Conte; Down to the Sea in Ships (1949), with Widmark, Lionel Barrymore, Dean Stockwell, Cecil Kellaway, Gene Lockhart, and John McIntire.

Films in the 1950s include The Black Rose (1950), with Power, Orson Welles, Cécile Aubry, and Jack Hawkins; The Desert Fox (1951), with James Mason, Cedric Hardwicke, and Jessica Tandy; Rawhide (1951), with Power and Susan Hayward; Niagara (1953), with Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters, and Max Showalter; Prince Valiant (1954), with James Mason, Janet Leigh, Robert Wagner, Debra Paget, and Sterling Hayden; The Racers (1955), with Kirk Douglas and Bella Darvi; The Bottom of the Bottle (1956), with Cotten, Van Johnson, Ruth Roman, and Jack Carson; 23 Paces to Baker Street (1956), with Van Johnson, Vera Miles, and Cecil Parker; Legend of the Lost (1957), with Wayne, Sophia Loren, and Rossano Brazzi; From Hell to Texas (1958), with Don Murray, Diane Varsi, Chill Wills, and Dennis Hopper; and Woman Obsessed (1959), with Hayward, Stephen Boyd, Barbara Nichols, Dennis Holmes, Theodore Bikel, Ken Scott, James Philbrook, and Florence MacMichael.

Films in the 1960s include Seven Thieves (1960), with Edward G. Robinson; Rod Steiger, Joan Collins, and Wallach North to Alaska (1960), with Wayne, Stewart Granger, Capucine, Ernie Kovacs, and Fabian; Circus World (1964), with Wayne, Claudia Cardinale, and Rita Hayworth; The Sons of Katie Elder (1965), with Wayne, Dean Martin, Martha Hyer, Michael Anderson Jr., Earl Holliman, George Kennedy, Paul Fix, Jeremy Slate, James Gregory, and Hopper; Nevada Smith (1966), with Steve McQueen, Malden, Brian Keith, Arthur Kennedy and Suzanne Pleshette; 5 Card Stud (1968), with Martin, Robert Mitchum, Inger Stevens, and Roddy McDowall; True Grit (1969), with Wayne, Glen Campbell, Kim Darby, Robert Duvall, Jeff Corey, Hopper, Strother Martin, H.W. Gim, and John Fiedler.

Films in the 1970s include Raid on Rommel (1971), with Richard Burton, John Colicos, Clinton Greyn, Wolfgang Preiss, and Danielle De Metz; Shoot Out (1972), with Peck, Pat Quinn, Robert F. Lyons, and Susan Tyrrell; and Hangup (1974), with William Elliott, Marki Bey, and Cliff Potts.

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(**seen rereleased in theaters)

  • The Ten Commandments – (1922) – uncredited assistant for Cecil B. de Mille
  • Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925) – assistant for B. Reeves Eason & uncredited assistant director
  • The Rough Riders (1927) – assistant director
  • Behind the Make-Up (1930) – uncredited
  • Heritage of the Desert (1932)
  • Wild Horse Mesa (1932)
  • The Thundering Herd (1933)
  • Under the Tonto Rim (1933)
  • Sunset Pass (1933)
  • Man of the Forest (1933)
  • To the Last Man (1933)
  • Come On, Marines! (1934)
  • The Last Round-Up (1934)
  • The Witching Hour (1934)
  • Now and Forever (1934)
  • The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935)
  • Peter Ibbetson (1935)
  • The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1936)
  • Go West Young Man (1936)
  • I Loved a Soldier (1936)
  • Lest We Forget (1937) – short
  • Souls at Sea (1937)
  • Spawn of the North (1938)
  • The Real Glory (1939)
  • Johnny Apollo (1940)
  • Brigham Young (1940)
  • The Shepherd of the Hills (1941)
  • Sundown (1941)
  • Ten Gentlemen from West Point (1942)
  • China Girl (1942)
  • Home in Indiana (1944)
  • Wing and a Prayer (1944)
  • Nob Hill (1945)
  • The House on 92nd Street (1945)
  • The Dark Corner (1946)
  • 13 Rue Madeleine (1947)
  • Kiss of Death (1947)
  • Call Northside 777 (1948)
  • Down to the Sea in Ships (1949)
  • The Black Rose (1950)
  • You’re in the Navy Now (1951)
  • Fourteen Hours (1951)
  • Rawhide (1951)
  • The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel (1951)
  • Diplomatic Courier (1952)
  • O. Henry’s Full House (1952) – anthology, directed with Howard Hawks, Henry King, Henry Koster, & Jean Negulesco
  • Niagara (1953)
  • White Witch Doctor (1953)
  • Prince Valiant (1954)
  • Garden of Evil (1954)
  • The Racers (1955)
  • The Bottom of the Bottle (1956)
  • 23 Paces to Baker Street (1956)
  • Legend of the Lost  (1957)
  • From Hell to Texas (1958)
  • Woman Obsessed (1959)
  • Seven Thieves (1960)
  • North to Alaska (1960)
  • How the West Was Won (1962) – directed segments: The Rivers, The Plains, and The Outlaws
  • Circus World (1964)
  • The Sons of Katie Elder (1965)
  • Nevada Smith (1966)
  • The Last Safari (1967)
  • 5 Card Stud (1968)
  • True Grit (1969)
  • Airport (1970) – some winter outdoor scenes only
  • Raid on Rommel (1971)
  • Shoot Out (1971)
  • Hangup (1974)