Claire Trevor


Claire Trevor (née Wemlinger; March 8, 1910 – April 8, 2000) was an American actress. She appeared in 68 feature films from 1933 to 1982, winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in John Huston‘s Key Largo (1948), with Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, Lauren Bacall, and Lionel Barrymore; and received nominations for her roles in William A. Wellman’s The High and the Mighty (1954), with John Wayne, Laraine Day, Robert Stack, and Jane Sterling; and William Wyler‘s Dead End (1937), with Sylvia Sidney, Joel McCrea, Bogart, Wendy Barrie, and Allen Jenkins.

Trevor made her film Debut in Louis King’s Life in the Raw (1933), with George O’Brien, Greta Nissen, Francis Ford, Warner Richmond, and Steve Pendleton. Other notable films in the 1930s include Irving Cummings’ The Mad Game (1933), with Spencer Tracy, Ralph Morgan, and J. Carrol Naish; Baby Takes a Bow (1934), with Shirley Temple, James Dunn, and Alan Dinehart; John Cromwell’s To Marry – with Love (1936), with Warner Baxter, Myrna Loy, Ian Hunter, and Jean Dixon; Allan Dwan’s Human Cargo (1936), with Brian Donlevy, Alan Dinehart, and Rita Hayworth (credited as Rita Cansino); Walter Lang’s Second Honeymoon (1937), with Tyrone Power and Loretta Young; William Keighley‘s Valley of the Giants (1938), with Wayne Morris (1938), with Wayne Morris, Frank McHugh, Alan Hale Sr., Donald Crisp, and Charles Bickford; and John Ford‘s Stagecoach (1939), with Wayne, Andy Devine, John Carradine, Thomas Mitchell, Louise Platt, George Bancroft, Donald Meek, Berton Churchill, and Tim Holt.

Films in the 1940s include Raoul Walsh’s Dark Command (1940), with Wayne and Walter Pidgeon; George Marshall‘s Texas (1941), with William Holden and Glenn Ford; Jack Conway’s Honky Tonk (1941), with Clark Gable, Lana Turner, Frank Morgan, Marjorie Main, Albert Dekker, and Chill Wills; Crossroads (1942), with William Powell, Hedy Lamarr, and Basil Rathbone; Street of Chance (1942), with Burgess Meredith; Charles Vidor‘s The Desperadoes (1943), with Randolph Scott, Ford, Evelyn Keyes, and Edgar Buchanan; Edward Dmytryk’s Murder, My Sweet (1944), with Dick Powell and Anne Shirley; The Bachelor’s Daughter (1946), with Gail Russell, Ann Dvorak, Adolphe Menjou, Billie Burke, Jane Wyatt, and Eugene List; Robert Wise’s Born to Kill (1947), with Lawrence Tierney, Walter Slezak, Esther Howard, Elisha Cook Jr., and Audrey Long; Anthony Mann‘s Raw Deal (1948), with Dennis O’Keefe and Marsha Hunt; The Velvet Touch (1948), with Rosalind Russell, Leon Ames, and Leo Genn; and The Lucky Stiff (1949), with Dorothy Lamour and Brian Donlevy.

Films in the 1950s include William A. Seiter’s Borderline (1950), with Fred MacMurray and Raymond Burr; Ida Lupino‘s Hard, Fast and Beautiful (1951), with Sally Forrest; My Man and I (1952), with Ricardo Montalban and Shelley Winters; Andre DeToth’s The Stranger Wore a Gun (1953), with Scott, Joan Weldon, George Macready, Alfonso Bedoya, Lee Marvin, and Ernest Borgnine; King Vidor‘s Man Without a Star (1955), with Kirk Douglas, Jeanne Crain, and William Campbell; Robert Parrish’s Lucy Gallant (1955), with Wyman, Charlton Heston, Thelma Ritter, William Demarest, and Wallace Ford; The Mountain (1956), with Tracy and Robert Wagner; and Irving Rapper’s Marjorie Morningstar (1958), with Gene Kelly, Natalie Wood, Everett Sloane, Carolyn Jones, and Ed Wynn.

Later films include Vincente Minnelli‘s Two Weeks in Another Town (1962), with Douglas, Robinson, Cyd Charisse, Daliah Lavi, George Hamilton, and Rosanna Schiaffino; Franklin J. Schaffner’s The Stripper (1963), with Joanne Woodward, Carol Lynley, Robert Webber, and Richard Beymer; The Cape Town Affair (1967), with James Brolin and Jacqueline Bisset; Robert Mulligan’s Kiss Me Goodbye (1982), with Sally Field, James Caan, Jeff Bridges, and Paul Dooley; and the TV movie Breaking Home Ties (1987), with Jason Robards, Eva Marie Saint, Doug McKean, and Erin Gray.

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  • The Metal Ticket (1931) – directed by Roy Mack – short
  • Life in the Raw (1933) – directed by Louis King
  • The Last Trail (1933) – directed by James Tinling
  • The Mad Game (1933) – directed by Irving Cummings
  • Jimmy and Sally (1933) – directed by James Tinling
  • Hold That Girl (1934) – directed by Hamilton MacFadden
  • Wild Gold (1934) – directed by George Marshall
  • Baby, Take a Bow (1934) – directed by Harry Lachman
  • Elinor Norton (1934) – directed by Hamilton MacFadden
  • Spring Tonic (1935) – directed by Clyde Bruckman
  • Black Sheep (1935) – directed by Allan Dwan
  • Dante’s Inferno (1935) – directed by Harry Lachman
  • Navy Wife (1935) – directed by Allan Dwan
  • My Marriage (1936) – directed by George Archainbaud
  • Song and Dance Man (1936) – directed by Allan Dwan
  • Human Cargo (1936) – directed by Allan Dwan
  • To Mary – with Love (1936) – directed by John Cromwell
  • Star for a Night (1936) – directed by Lewis Seiler
  • 15 Maiden Lane (1936) – directed by Allan Dwan
  • Career Woman (1936) – directed by Lewis Seiler
  • Time Out for Romance (1937) – directed by Malcolm St. Clair
  • King of Gamblers (1937) – directed by Robert Florey
  • One Mile from Heaven (1937) – directed by Allan Dwan
  • Dead End (1937) – directed by William Wyler
  • Second Honeymoon (1937) – directed by Walter Lang
  • Big Town Girl (1937) – directed by Alfred L. Werker
  • Walking Down Broadway (1938) – directed by Norman Foster
  • The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (1938) – directed by Anatole Litvak
  • Valley of the Giants (1938) – directed by William Keighley
  • Five of a Kind (1938) – directed by Herbert I. Leeds
  • Stagecoach (1939) – directed by John Ford
  • I Stole a Million (1939) – directed by Frank Tuttle
  • Allegheny Uprising (1939) – directed by William A. Seiter
  • Dark Command (1940) – directed by Raoul Walsh
  • Honky Tonk (1941) – directed by Jack Conway
  • Texas (1941) – directed by George Marshall
  • The Adventures of Martin Eden (1942) – directed by Sidney Salkow
  • Crossroads (1942) – directed by Jack Conway
  • Street of Chance (1942) – directed by Jack Hively
  • The Desperadoes (1943) – directed by Charles Vidor
  • Good Luck, Mr. Yates (1943) – directed by Ray Enright
  • The Woman of the Town (1943) – directed by George Archainbaud
  • Murder, My Sweet (1944) – directed by Edward Dmytryk
  • Johnny Angel (1945) – directed by Edwin L. Marin
  • Crack-Up (1946) – directed by Irving Reis
  • The Bachelor’s Daughters (1946) – directed by Andrew L. Stone
  • Born to Kill (1947) – directed by Robert Wise
  • Raw Deal (1948) – directed by Anthony Mann
  • The Velvet Touch (1948) – directed by Jack Gage
  • Key Largo (1948) – directed by John Huston
  • The Babe Ruth Story (1948) – directed by Roy Del Ruth
  • The Lucky Stiff (1949) – directed by Lewis R. Foster
  • Borderline (1950) – directed by William A. Seiter
  • Hard, Fast and Beautiful (1951) – directed by Ida Lupino
  • Best of the Badmen (1951) – directed by William D. Russell
  • Hoodlum Empire (1952) – directed by Joseph Kane
  • My Man and I (1952) – directed by William Wellman
  • Stop, You’re Killing Me (1953) – directed by Roy Del Ruth
  • The Stranger Wore a Gun (1953) – directed by Andre DeToth
  • The High and the Mighty (1954) – directed by William A. Wellman
  • Man Without a Star (1955) – directed by King Vidor
  • Lucy Gallant (1955) – directed by Robert Parrish
  • The Mountain (1956) – directed by Edward Dmytryk
  • If You Knew Elizabeth (1957) – directed by John Franemheimer – TV movie – episodes of Playhouse 90
  • Marjorie Morningstar (1958) – directed by Irving Rapper
  • Two Weeks in Another Town (1962) – directed by Vincente Minnelli
  • The Stripper (1963) – directed by Franklin J. Schaffner
  • How To Murder Your Wife (1965) – directed by Richard Quine
  • The Cape Town Affair (1967) – directed by Robert D. Webb
  • Kiss Me Goodbye (1982) – directed by Robert Mulligan
  • Breaking Home Ties (1987) – directed by John Wilder – TV movie