The Suicide Squad (2021)

Col. Rick Flag (Kinnaman) is set off with his team consisting of Quinn, boomerang throwing villain George “Digger” Harkness (Courtney) aka Captain Boomerang, vigilante hacker Brian Durlin (Rooker) aka Savant, mercenary Richard “Dick” Hertz (Davidson) aka Blackguard, metahuman Cory Pitzner (Fillion) aka T.D.K. or The Detachable Kid, athletic Gunter Braun (Borg) aka Javelin, mass murdering alien Mongol (Ng), and a humanoid weasel named Weasel (Gunn). So after being introduced to a whole bunch of these new characters (plus the familiar ones), they’re killed off almost immediately! Turns out, Blackguard was willing to sell them out to the Corto Maltese government. But they weren’t willing to keep their end of the deal and end up killing him too. [I found this to be an amazingly hilarious move!]

The ones killed off were a diversion for an alternate team consisting of Bloodsport, Peacekeeper, humanoid shark Nanaue (Stallone) aka King Shark, unhinged human experiment Abner Krill (Dastmalchian), aka Polka-Dot Man, and bank robber Cleo Cazo (Melchior) aka Ratcatcher 2, who has the ability to control rats.

Harley and Flag both survived the attack, with the former being held captive by the government, and the latter being captured by the resistance led by Sol Soria (Braga). Soria helps them out in the mission, which leads to them kidnapping Thinker so they can easily get into Jötunheim. They make a side trip to rescue Harley.

Meanwhile, it turns out the new dictator of Corto Maltese, Silvio Luna (Botto), has the hots for Harley (can’t blame him!) and wants her to be his wife as a way to gain favor with the people. Apparently she’s popular their for her anti authority ways (guess they aren’t familiar with her just being bat shit insane). Luna tells her his plans to use Project Starfish (which is an alien creature with mind controlling abilities) to gain power over the rest of the world.

Harley does the “rational” thing and shoots him dead. This of course leads to her being imprisoned (again), tortured by the new dictator, Major General Mateo Suárez (Cosío), who doesn’t seem to get that torture interrogations don’t typically work on the insane. Naturally, she escapes and takes out everyone in the building. This all happens as Flag and the others were about to attempt their rescue of her.

So the villains make their way to Jötunheim, fuck a whole bunch of soldiers up, and plant some explosives to take the building down. You can probably guess things don’t go quite as planned. Naturally the big ass mind controlling alien has to be set free and the group has to take it down before it spreads across the world!

That’s all the spoilers I wanna give away. You may now proceed to my final thoughts.

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