Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019)

Quick Reviews

Written & Directed by Kevin Smith

Starring Jason Mewes & Kevin Smith

With Harley Quinn Smith, Shannon Elizabeth, Brian O’Halloran, Jason Lee, Joey Lauren Adams, Jennifer Schwalbach, & Ben Affleck

Release Date: October 15, 2019

Running Time: 1hr 35min

Rating: R

After losing the legal rights to their names over a film reboot of Bluntman and Chronic, Jay and Silent Bob (Mewes and Smith) travel across the United States in an attempt to prevent the reboot from being made. Sound familiar? Yeah, it definitely follows a lot of beats from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (though in this case they wanna stop the movie to reclaim their identities, not just internet trolling). They’ll also encounter old friends and new, with a lot of whacky shenanigans along the way.

As a lifelong Kevin Smith fan, of course I was gonna see this! I went to a special Fathom Events release of the film (that came with a free poster, an introduction by Smith and Mewes, and an exclusive series of interviews). I wasn’t disappointed! I got exactly what I wanted from a Jay and Silent Bob movie, plenty of goofy jokes, pop culture references, naughty language, and even some heartwarming scenes. Some might be annoyed by the winks to the camera, but I’ve always enjoyed those (at least when done right, and I feel they’re done right in this). This absolutely has my recommendation!

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