Violent Night (2022)

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Directed by Tommy Wirkola

Written by Pat Casey & Josh Miller

Starring David Harbour, John Leguizamo, Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder, Edi Patterson, Cam Gigandet, Leah Brady, & Beverly D’Angelo

Release Date: December 2, 2022

Running Time: 1hr 52min

Rating: R

A team of heavily armed thieves take a wealthy family hostage, wanting to gain access to a large stash of cash hidden in a high tech vault. Little do they know that Santa Claus (Harbour) happens to be on the premises, and he’s a former ancient Viking warrior. For real! Saint Nick opens a can of whoop ass on these guys! It’s fucking awesome!

The film had its world premiere at the New York Comic Con on October 7, 2022. Universal Pictures released the film in theaters in the United States and Canada on December 2, 2022. The film received generally positive reviews from critics and has grossed $59 million worldwide against a $20 million budget. [It should honestly be doing so much better than this, but I get it’s gotta compete with superhero movies and James Cameron’s overhyped sequel to his overhyped movie. These are the times we live in.]

This is going to be a watch for me every Christmas season from now on, probably at non Christmas time as well. It’s so fucking awesome! The makers of this took a great premise and made it way better than expected. It’s action packed, hilarious, and a lot more heartwarming than you’d expect.

Harbour is terrific as a world weary Santa, who feels a bit disillusioned with the whole Christmas season (gotta imagine that happens when you’ve been at it for centuries), but still wants to make people happy. Leguizamo is menacing and funny as the leader of the thieves, and the rest of the cast round things out.

Seriously, I can’t sing any more praises about this one. If you love action and Christmas combined, you gotta add this to your holiday rotation!

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